Monday, 3 February 2014

Ookami Cosplay - Construction

Ookami from Ookami to Shichinin no Takama-tachi

When: August 2011
Where: Home, UK

Ookami-san from Ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi (オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち) is a strong interdependent character with a big temper. Even though not many people recognised the costume I loved making it and cosplaying her. 

So this was my progress with 1 day of making time left before the convention. 

Ookami's top was the very first thing I got started on. I used a pattern for a jacket but...well to be honest, I was a bit worried that there were spare panels with no where to put them...It was a bit like constructing Ikea furniture. Oh well. The parts I used worked out nicely in the end.

It seems to be the way I make cosplay is by look for reference pics and "how to's" online and then just do it my own way based on that. I did it with Ookami's neck-tie sailor fuku style and it didn't come out too bad.

I ended up glueing the red strips on because it was easier, and the glue stopped the edges from fraying. It doesn't look fantastic, but only if get a close look at it. Luckily it looks not that bad from a distance. FYI be careful with PVA and wood glue, don't get too much on the fabric, it shows :P

Machine~~~ This is the only reference pic I took of my machine sewing. I tend to make everything by hand and then when I'm sure it all fits machine sew and then cut out the hand stitching. Takes aaaaaaaaaaaages, but worth it...I think. (PS, I LOVE my sewing machine, well it's nanny's but I love it anyway).

Ookami's red scarf was another thing I did by looking at how NOT to do it. You can tell the store bought cosplays because they had her scarf with a straight flat bottom to it, and was often bright red and silky. *Pfft* You think Ookami would wear SILK!?

I made her broach out of salt dough. Really wish I had had silver spray paint for it.

Yes there are some pins in this pic, I hadn't finished sewing it, but this is basically what the whole top part of the costume looks like put together. Not as accurate as I'd hoped it would be but not too bad either. The only annoying thing is, is that the zip doesn't open all the way and it's a pain to climb into :P

Ookami's skirt may look easy but it was SUCH A PAIN!!! I can't do pleats that well and ontop of that I had to attach it to a pair of shorts while trying not to show off too much leg and making it look like it does in the reference pics...ARG such a pain! And it still doesn't look right :(

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