Sunday, 25 May 2014

Euro Cosplay October 2013

Where: London Expo / London Comic Con
When: October 2013

The London Expo has become very overcrowded the last few years as it's become more and more popular. One of the reasons for this is that they're trying to get on the same level of popularity as the Japan Expo in Paris (which is the largest geeky convention in Europe). So to compete with them and make more money they began running Euro Cosplay, it's only been going a few years but has become super popular. Each country runs its own competitions in various conventions and picks one or two entries for their country. The winner of those then gets flown to the UK for the competition in October where they get judged on their costume and skit.

Here's a video made as the introduction for the 2013 competition showing the entrees from the year before:

Video by ManyLemons who does photography and filming. Here are his Cosplay videos on YouTube

So because it's become so crowded and repetitive I decided to offer my services to help out. (I know Nert from ManyLemons and some of the other con event people who were involved in the EuroCosplay organisation) And after a few conversations I was asked to do the informal interviews of the contestants which was great because that's exactly what I did for my dissertation at Uni. Below are some of the photos of the contestants from the competition (unfortunately I couldn't get good ones of all of them):

You can see a full set of all the costumes from their performances photographed by FoxyChan here.

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