Thursday, 15 May 2014

Horo Cosplay II - Photographs

Horo from Spice and Wolf

Where: London MCM Expo / London ComicCon
When: October 2011

Horo (which some people pronounce Holo) is one of my favourite characters from the novel turned anime/manga Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料). She's a boisterous old wolf goddess who hires the help of a merchant to get back to her homelands. I love her because she's such a strong female character with her soft spot and she talks like an old Japanese lady, hahaha!

This was the second time I did this costume and I mostly improved it by buying a new wig to match her fur and original hair colour. The annoying thing was I forgot her sack of wheat the second time, and I didn't get as many photogaphs taken. I would like to do this again at some point soon and get some good photographs with the complete costume.

First set of Horo Photos

Horo Cosplay Construction

Horo Cosplay

Horo Cosplay

Horo Cosplay

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