Saturday, 5 July 2014

Shiki Ryogi - Kara no Kyoukai - Construction

When: February/March 2014
Where: UK

I made this at the same time I made the Furisode Girl cosplay. Two VERY different character but both with kimono style costumes.

Reference Picture:

Ryogi Shiki reference pictures Kara no Kyoukai


I only needed 3 different fabrics for this costume, one for the juban (the white part that goes under the kimono to stop the silk from getting sweaty), the kimono fabric, and the obi fabric.

I mapped out the size of pannels I needed using the same book as the Furisode Girl costume.

I added stiffener to the band but I realised after that I really didn't need to. It made the kimono feel weird and move strangely. Not noticeable to most people but I noticed it because I was wearing it.

I made the juban in the exact same way as the kimono. It was a very thick white fabric and I realised after that a thinner cotton would have been more appropriate.

The character wears short sleeved kimono but because the costume would have the jacket over the top I chose not to add the sleeves. This would have made moving very difficult otherwise. Also it's important when wearing kimono to have the left side OVER the right making a Y shape. This is because wearing it backwards is how dead people wear them... It looks backwards in the photo because I'm taking it in a mirror, it's the right way round in the costume pics.

The jacket I got off amazon and then attached fake sheeps wool on the collar. The only problem was that because the jacket was REALLY cheap the red rubbed off onto EVERYTHING, including the wool, turning it slightly pink :/ I had to transport the jacket in a plastic bag.

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