Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cosplay at Comiket - Photographs

When: January 2011
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Comiket, one of the most famous otaku spots in Japan, and one of the main reasons I went to Tokyo over the winter break while I was studying in Osaka in 2011. It was so long ago now but still I can remember it clearly. I wish I could have taken photos inside but you're not allowed in order to protect the identity of people who go. So the best representation I could find of what it is like was from the anime Genshiken (just imagine it being even more crowded, so much so that you can hardly move) :


Cosplay Photographs
But you are allowed to photograph outside including the cosplayers. Here is at least one photos of every Cosplayer I took at Comiket over the three days I went.

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