Monday, 27 January 2014

Macross Frontier Cosplay - Photographs

When: November 2010
Location: Osaka, Japan

This was my first time in Japan cosplaying, not only that but crossplaying (cosplaying someone of the opposite gender). I did Alto from Macross Frontier while my friends did Ranka and Sheryl. These photos were taken by Kuro-Hitsuji-san who is an ammeter Cosplay photographer with awesome professional who made even my bad cosplay look awesome! Needless to say I won't try cosplaying a guy ever again.

Funny story about the wig actually. I almost got one the right colour and for some reason I let the shop assistant convince me otherwise! And then when I tried to cut the wig and style it it went horribly wrong. I almost didn't cosplay at all. But I'm really glad I did. Even if I look aweful it was a great day out.

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